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Bentley Elementary School

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Traveling from Salem to China
5282011_45709_4.pngTraveling from Salem to China5282011_45829_5.png

The fifth grade students of Bentley School (Salem, Massachusetts) were inspired by the artwork "FreePort [No. 001] - Figurehead" by Charles Sandison.  Through the use of technology, Sandison incorporated words from ship logs and journals into a“poetic visual.”  The language of “trade routes, politics, competition, and voices” of the 18th-century was digitally projected onto the walls of the East India Marine Hall and thus, Bentley students were transported to and immersed in the environment of global trade.

Bentley students creatively wrote ship logs as the mariners of a voyage sailing from Salem, Massachusetts to China during the time period of 1860-1861.  Additionally, they included technology ( in their work by creating “Word Clouds” which humbly imitated Sandison’s innovative installation of“swirling, luminous language.”  These mariners "traveled" to the computer lab and recorded podcasts using the software application "GarageBand."  The fifth grade students of Bentley School thank the Peabody Essex Museum for the opportunity to participate in Sandison’s “unique dialogue” with the museum and its visitors.

Log #1:  
Leaving Home

Log #2:
Traveling to China


Log #3:
Learning about China

Log #4:
Trading with China

Log #5:  
Coming Home