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Welcome to Second Grade
with Mrs. Hanson!

Please visit our "Classroom News" to get updates of what we are studying weekly.

A few notes….

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. Each night spelling, math, and reading for 20 minutes will be assigned. Your child will be recording nightly assignments in a planner provided by the school.  Planners must be brought to school every day. If the planner is lost, you will be expected to replace it with another notebook so your child has the opportunity to record homework assignments.

Your child will be given time for a snack every day. It is very important that your child eats a snack from home to keep up his/her energy for the day. Healthy snacks are best, so please no candy or soda. Water is also welcomed at snack time. We are fortunate to be part of a grant in which every student is provided with a fruit or vegetable for snack. If your child is a picky eater, please be sure to pack a snack from home.

I may be reached at the Bentley School at 978-740-1260. It is difficult to take phone calls during the school day. However, I will return messages after school. Also, please feel free to write a note with any questions or comments and send them along with your child to school in his/her backpack .

Specialist Schedule
Monday - Music with Mrs. Cherry
Tuesday - Science Lab with Miss Reich
Wednesday - Science Lab Enrichment (This additional science period will continue for the second trimester.)
Thursday - Gym with Mr. Fritz
Friday - Art with Mrs. Tuttle

The following is an example of a typical day in our classroom:

7:45 - Independent Journal Writing
8:00- Morning Meeting
8:15 – Reading & Writing using Superkids program
9:15 - Snack & Bathroom Break
9:30 - Guided Reading Groups
10:15 – Specialists (art, music, gym, science lab)
11:00 – Math, whole class instruction
11:30 - Lunch and Recess
12:10 – Math continued
1:20 - Record Homework Assignments, Pack Up, Silent Read
1:40 - Bus students are dismissed
1:50 - Walkers are dismissed