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What's Going On in Room 213

Learning Goals for the week of October 24, 2011:

SuperKids & Writing
Everyday Math
Science - Habitats
Maps and Globes
Animal Tracks

Read and write words with ar, or, ear
Memorize + 3 facts (1-10)
What is camouflage?

To name and locate the continents and oceans of the world
Associate ed with /ed/, /d/, /t/
To review the concept that a number can be named in many ways (Name Collection Boxes)
Recognize -ed ending indicates past tense of verbs
Use a given additon or subtraction rule to generate a number sequence (frames and arrows)
Understand meanings of base words with endings
Identify missing numbers in number pairs that are generated by a rule, and determine the rule used to generate number pairs ("What's My Rule?")
To discuss what a food chain is and its importance
Identify & understand meanings of base words and endings
Review, develop and practice subtraction strategies (Counting-up and Counting-back)
Add -ed, -er, -est, and -ing to words with final y
Understand the meaning of difference (answer to a subtraction problem)
Recognize and understand the purpose of a procedural writing piece

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