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Bentley Elementary School

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Classroom News
What's Going On in Room 213

Learning Goals for the week of January 23, 2012:

SuperKids & Writing
Everyday Math
Science - Habitats
Maps and Globes
Write animal report: frist draft, edit, revise
Memorize + 8 facts
Explore and discover Simple Machines

Read and encode words with -old, -ost, -ild, -ind, ea as in head
Animal Tracks are a footprint left behind by an animal
To name and locate the continents and oceans of the world
Understand and discuss the meaning of Memory Words
What is camouflage?

Spell Memory Words
Read and write words with suffixes -ful and -less
Understand the meaning of wors with suffixes -ful and -less
To discuss what a food chain is and its importance
Use editing marks to show corrections
Understand and use capitalization rules, periods, and question marks
Appreciate and use similes

Tadpole photograph taken from
Earth image taken from