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Bentley Elementary School

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Mission Statement

The members of the Bentley School and Early Childhood Center Community will create and support a school environment which respects and values diversity where all the children and adults feel welcomed, trusted, and an important part of the school community.

Core Values

At the Bentley School, we strive for excellence in everything we do. We work hard in the classroom and on the playing field. We take pride in our school and our achievements. When we leave here, people will know we came from the Bentley School by the high quality of our work and efforts.
At the Bentley School, we know that some things will be hard for us. Some of us have trouble reading. Some have trouble in math. Some of us are not good athletes or do not sing well. However, we know that success comes when we keep trying.
At the Bentley School we treat each other with respect and compassion. We are proud of each other's accomplishments. As Dr. Martin Luther King said we do not judge people "by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." We at the Bentley School embrace the differences in and respect all of the members of our community of learners.
At the Bentley School we take responsibility for our actions. We admit when we make a mistake and learn from that. We treat others with respect and dignity and expect the same in return.
The members of the Bentley School community know that learning does not stop when school is over. Learning continues all of our lives. One of the goals of the Bentley School is to instill in all of us a love of learning and the curiosity of an active mind which will always be with us.
The Bentley School was named after William Bentley who was a very scholarly man. In his diaries he wrote a lot of information about Salem during the 17 and 1800's. The Bentley School was founded in 1861 and has continued his legacy of scholarship. One of the many important people who have attended the Bentley School is the former Mayor of Salem, Stanley Usovicz. By upholding the tradition of scholarship we honor those people who came before us.